Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Driving in Kansas

We often find our define our careers based on the peaks and valleys, from promotions and new responsibilities to layoffs and missteps.

What about when we're just cruising along?  How long should you be coasting before it becomes a problem?  Do we always need to be striving for something different to be successful?

The challenge is that most of us aren't being challenged every day or pushed towards some new breakthrough.  So how do you make the most of that?

If you're managing a team of people, your responsibility is to them first.  They are looking to you to help them reach those peaks and avoid those valleys.  You need to be okay with the constant of flat land to help you concentrate on them.

If you're managing yourself, maybe this is an opportunity to concentrate on being the best you can be at you do because doing great work matters.

We constantly compare our current career altitude and speed to everyone.  It's also easy with all the information out there to feel inadequate or that we need to make some change.

Consider being okay with where you are and concentrating on what you have -- for now.
You might find yourself becoming an expert at what you do while you just cruise along.