Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A $20 Taco

After hearing that Taco Bell plans add breakfast to their offer, my first thought was why?

Other than the basic business goal of have more opportunities to sell more stuff to more people, is this really in service of their brand? After breakfast, what's next?  Staying open 24 hours?  How about they offer table service with more expensive food to go after Chili's?  When does it end?

The point is that it never ends. 

CEOs aren't often rewarded for making beautiful, scarce products that have a fanatical following.  Instead, they succumb to investors' demand that the company outgrow, conquer, and eclipse their competition.

The customer is now more distracted and has more choices than ever before.  It may work.  The numbers may show a successful business,  but will it be the product that you gush about to your friends?

Suppose that instead of taking all that time, energy, and money required to execute a breakfast offer, Taco Bell invested the resources to create the absolute best taco in the world - a taco that people would gladly pay $20 to eat? 

It's okay to just make the best taco in the world. 
Your customers will reward you for it - and the ones that don't, can go eat at McDonald's.