Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Can You Stop Doing?

What are you going stop doing in your business this year?

We often get bogged down in big plans and initiatives, but we often forget to examine and cut loose the things dragging down our bottom line.

Things to consider stopping or cutting loose:

1) That failing business unit that's been unprofitable but you keep hoping it will turn around

2) That "hard-working" salesperson who has missed quota the last six months 

3) That policy that helps you avoid risk but makes it twice as hard for your customers to buy

4) That manager that keeps chasing away good employees because of his management style

5) That monthly management meeting that is heavy in spreadsheets and light on inspiration

6) That lack of trust in your front line employees 

Make the decision, pull the trigger, and let go of those things hindering your growth. 

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