Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking For Love In All The Right Places

I pulled the last page out of my "365 Days of Beer" Calendar the other day and guess what I found?

Nothing: No website, no re-order form, no branding (I had forgotten who even published this), no prompting to re-establish me as a customer.

Thanks to Amazon and their amazing tools to have you find products and drive you to their site, I am able to re-order this.
(You're welcome Adams Media)
This was a failed opportunity for the publisher to tee me up for 2014.
There is even a blank page after December 31st.

As a business, you should always be marketing yourself, especially to captive audience customers.  The pump is primed with a buying customer. Unless you have completely annoyed them or turned them off, they need a specific reason to stop buying from you.

As publisher of that calendar, I would have put an extra page in the last three months of the year that prompted the reader to buy the next year's calendar, in addition to hitting me over the head at the end of the calendar.

Reinforce the love that your customers have for your products by giving them the tools and knowledge to buy more from you AND to tell their friends how much they love your product.

How about in November's and December's section, you are prompted to re-order and give one as a gift?

Give the customers that love your product the tools to continue the relationship and to help you build your tribe.

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