Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Surprising Customer Service...The Gift That Exponentially Keeps On Giving

Recently, a co-worker of mine told me a story about her surprising experience returning a top to Kohl's.  After one washing, she found the garment coming apart.  Five weeks after purchase, with no receipt, she brought the item into the store, expecting very little. Instead, she walked out of the store with $27 in cash for the return.

The employee at Kohl's explained that they value making customers happy because they usually come back to shop, and tell others about it -- and that's exactly what happened.

There appears to be a conscious choice at Kohl's: to create a happy customer experience and reject the idea that most customers are "trying to take advantage of us."  There was no obligation for that employee to give $27 back to that customer.  Just the fact that she didn't have a receipt would have stopped most retailers in their tracks.

The rub is that $27 decision has kept a customer happy and buying more (she purchased other items that day), and now has created a compelling story that is now marketing their message for free.

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