Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Runs Your Sales Organization?

You may work for a sales company who has an identity crisis. 

We all usally agree that sales is the heart of any organization that has external customers.  However, in practice, we often find these companies are actually run by the operations folks.  Why is that?

Usually, the excuse is that Sales "would give away the farm" if left unchecked or that the only way to protect the company assets is to have logical, left-brained decisions being made.

The problem is that Sales is usually about "Yes" and Operations is usually about "No".  Its much easier to say no to bringing in more inventory or to extend that credit line than to do the work to get to yes.  Why would they do more work?  In the short term, people in operations get paid the same whether they say yes or no -- and no is much easier.

A company interested in having long term success and loyal customers should be saying "Yes" more.  "Yes"
opens you open to new opportunities, helps you fail at more things (so you get to success quicker), and creates a better story.

Your sales organization needs more folks stepping out on that ledge and saying yes to customers -- you can program a robot to say no to protect assets and minimize risk. 

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