Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Body at Rest

Is the health and success of your company based on inertia and momentum, or is it based on actual innovation and growth?

Large, mature companies sometimes get trapped into "feeling" like progress is being made and buzz is being created, but often it is just the underlying staying power of a healthy business.

Yes, you're profitable and you have money in the bank -- but what does next year look like?  Or your next five years?
Are you planting the seeds for great ideas and removing the obstacles to innovation so that your customers keep coming back and your competition stays in the rear view mirror?

You need to be constantly accelerating and expanding your business.  Yes, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  But these days, you're either capturing new market share or your shrinking.  Customers have too many choices, and your competition has access to more data about your weaknesses and knows more of your customers.

Cruising in the right lane at 55 just isn't good enough anymore.  Your customers and your competition are passing on the left.

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