Friday, January 27, 2012

Big Customer Blues

It happened again: your biggest customer caused you to spend your whole day digging out of a mess.

Just like many other times, they failed to plan correctly or bring you into the project at the early stage, and now your paying the price.

Sometimes the entitlement that comes with being a large customer leaves a lot of damage, including late payments, draining resources, and unreasonable expectations.

No one customer is worth you sacrificing your integrity, or draining all your energy for your other accounts.

Trust your instinct and go to the edge of the cliff with that customer.  Reinforce your value to them and re-set the expectations of the business relationship.  You're in this together (I hope), and if you truly are, your customer will respect you more for it.

If they don't, and nothing changes, let them go.  The energy formally spent on them will now be focused on creating new profitable business relationships.  I promise you, you'll never look back.

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