Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Showing Up

There is an avalanche of new ideas out there on how you should approach your job and career.

My concern is that people new to the workforce are being bombarded with the art of finessing the best out of the workplace before they actually have the fundamentals-- such as looking presentable, carrying yourself in a way that exudes a sense of purpose, and learning the rules before breaking the rules.

The most important one: just showing up.

The problem with just showing up is that its not sexy.  Its not groundbreaking.  Its not outside the box.
It is, however, the foundation of being a dependable, trusted, and reliable employee--traits required before you start questioning and rocking the boat. (if you want to be taken seriously)

We get so wrapped up in what we think we deserve out of our work environment that we sometimes forget the value in showing up for work consistently.  When you don't feel great, or you have things you need to get done, or you're just tired, you need to press on and show up.

Your baseline for approaching your work must always be just showing up. Just showing up is never enough to separate yourself from your peers and advance your career, but I can guarantee the effects of taking opposite approach.

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